The kitchen is one of the places in a house that gets lots of traffic and a whole lot of dirt and mess. But of course there are always ways to make your interior picture-worthy and this time, we’re sharing on how to glam up your kitchen and take it to the next level. It’s not just a place to cook dinner, it’s an interior design, it’s decor that deserves to be featured in a magazine. So if you’re ready for some remodeling, check out our 3 interior design solutions that always work post first.

Metallic Accents

So, if you decided to step away from a traditional all-wooden kitchen toward something more modern and airy, white color scheme while not the most practical will work anywhere, even kitchen. And metallic accents will give your kitchen a glamorous touch no matter its style or design. Silver, bronze, rose or yellow gold work especially great in neutral black and white interiors. Use them sparingly in lighting or hardware. They will stand out immensely if your kitchen has a single hue color scheme.

Eye Catchy Backsplash

A tile backsplash will pay off not just in the fact that it’s easy to clean but also in a way it can enhance your kitchen’s aesthetics. Patterned, metallic, or textured, interesting backsplash tile will bring character to the kitchen design. Note that it will make a feature wall where it will be installed so if you don’t want to focus attention on any particular a fancy backsplash is not a way to go.


Yes, when we talk luxury and glamour all practicality goes out the window. But just look how beautiful and the sophisticated kitchen looks when decorated with wallpaper.

Other accessories that can really make a difference and give your kitchen that glamorous look is a chandelier and a wood slab table/countertop. The first thought might look out of place on its own can still be worked into a kitchen interior while the latter will easily integrate into almost any kitchen.

The only recommendation we’d have when trying to glam up the kitchen or any room for that matter is to not try to add all of these things at once as it will look like there’s too much going on. You don’t want it to look vulgar.