Home design for a patio can be very exciting because there are so many décor styles, and relaxing outside seems to offer more opportunities for enjoyment. Garden or patio furniture can be anything from wood to wrought iron, leather, plastic, and wicker. A patio is a wonderful place to entertain, and fireplaces, loungers, hammocks, bar stools, and quaint lighting all contribute towards comfort and enjoyment.

Weather Resistant Patio Furniture

Patio furniture is always carefully designed because most times it is going to stand outdoors all year round. Tables and chairs have to be weather resistant and outdoor umbrellas are designed with auto-tilt features and in different fabrics and colors. Bright canvas awnings in plain or striped colors and patterns can be rolled up and down according to your need for the sun.

Potted trees and shrubs also look gorgeous on a patio and these a be placed on end tables. A swing, rockers, and shelves to hold magazines, sunglasses and ornaments can all contribute to making your outdoor patio relaxing. For some greenery, you can choose from a broad selection of pots in different colors and finishes. Solar powered lights are far more romantic than harsh overhead lights. Made from stainless steel, the lights are easy to install, they are recharged by solar panels under sunlight, but rechargeable batteries are also included.

Wicker, Wood or Wrought Iron Patio Furniture?

  • Wooden garden or patio furniture is always a popular choice, and for something for unusual, you can choose benches and tables made from branches and tree trunks for a truly natural look. Take into account the weather, because if your wooden patio furniture is going to be exposed to a lot of rain and sunshine it may require extra protection. Teak and cedar are excellent types of wood for outdoor furniture. Make sure you choose wooden furniture that is held together with stainless steel screws and sturdy joinery and steer clear of wooden furniture that is glued together.
  • Wrought iron that is powder-coated adds elegance and style. The furniture is produced from mild steel, an alloy of iron and carbon. Today, furniture and decor made from wrought iron are often handcrafted.
  • Wicker furniture is beautiful and natural, made of pieces of wicker and rattan that are braided together. People think that wicker furniture is a type of material, but it is merely the process to create the furniture. Wicker furniture can be made of bamboo or willow and people love it for its tropical look, and for this reason, you find this type of furniture often in homes at the sea.