Expertise and passion. The rest is easy. The rest means materials and equipment. Without the proper expertise, a stadium will never be more than a mere football pitch and the brick will remain a brick. It is the sports architects that create the spectators’ and fans’ comfort.

What you might not know

Before imagining impressive buildings or stadiums, take an ordinary house or flat. It stands because somebody had an exact plan of where the window would be placed and how the door would open. It takes vision and a lot of precise calculation. To avoid things like this one that once done can no longer be changed.

Mistakes like this one can easily be prevented by using bim solutions. BIM has become the standard name for the digital representation of the building process. The resulting building information models become shared knowledge resources to support all the decisions related to a facility – from the earliest conceptual stages to its potential demolition.

In times of crisis, the sport is a unifying factor. Clearly, architecture is also psychology. Sports or residential, architecture needs to take into account a variety of additional factors, such as the people, age and gender, the location and the cultural peculiarities. Also, some stadiums can be converted into concert venues, so a different approach is needed. Not limited to the sportive event, the stadium is a new unifying venue with marketing potential. And of course, it is an urban icon that defines a place, attracts tourists and therefore improves the economy.